Sunday, 2 December 2007

Sorry can't show card

Sorry can't show card I made yesterday as it is for Hubby's birthday on Wednesday.

My first Christmas card arrived yesterday so I decided I had better put the insides  into mine and try and start writing them!!

This picture is of my new little reindeer friend that I brought home from John Lewis on Friday to live with me lol!!

Had a great evening last night watched Strictly come dancing , it isn't a one horse race anymore Gathen rocks lol!! 
Hubby went out to watch one of his mates who plays in a band, and I sat at home and watched my all time favorite film 'Billy Elliott" and cried all the way through gets to me every time lol!!

Weather is still awful here. Sue :o)

PS do you like my new Mezz, you can make them fatter now so it is more like me, unfortunately I am not a stick insect!!


NattyK said...

Love the reindeer and your new meez. I have chosen the same background its lovley. x

Tarasdesigns said...

the reindeer is so cute, just can't believe 3 weeks today santa will have been!!!! x