Monday, 3 December 2007

Ballon Boy

One of the chaps at work asked me to make a card for his Nephew who will be 5.

Now you have to understand its a long time since I have had anything to do with 5 year old boys lol!!! and if they are anything like 5 year old girls, (I have a niece who is 6 going on 16 ) they are just so switched on and know everything !! . So I was very worried about making this to say the least lol!!!.

Anyway I took it to work today and he seemed very pleased thank goodness.

Weather is better here today just because we are back at work!! 

Tell me can you see my new Christmas Mezz? I logged on in work today and I could only see the New York one!!! Sue :o)


gina said...

Great card, I can see your christmas meez, weird I have just updated mine aswell, took me ages to decide what to wear :0)
Gina x

NattyK said...

I can see your christmas meez ok. Your card is great, just right for a 5 year old. x

Andrea, said...

Another fab card, great colours I have this stamp too

wendy said...

Great card!

All Pink girl said...

Great card love your new stamp ,your nephew will love this card ,
love your elf name ,Dawnx

My Paper World said...

Great card! Love the colours!