Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Explosion Box

Geneen at work asked me to make an explosion box for her Dad who is in his eighties. It is for his birthday the week before Christmas, he likes to look at photos of his outing with Geneen, she takes him out every Sunday which is so sweet!.

This is what I made, the photos don't do the paper justice it is a lot nicer in real life.

Sue :o)


** Isa ** said...

Well done Suzanne. it looks fab and I'm sure they'll love it. These are on my what to do next list!

As for my pocket cards I make them up myself. Don't forget to leave a flap to stop your tickets to fall out!


Isa x

NattyK said...

This is gorgeous. I am sure he will treasure it. x

gina said...

great box, I have never tried one but they look great
Gina x