Tuesday, 27 July 2010

37 years !!!!!

is how long I have been married today.... I have had all the jokes in work today thanks!!!
I am off to weigh in at WW then I am going to have a blow out I don't normally do this as I can't see the point of being good all week then undoing it on weigh in day...but I do have a good excuse tonight.
Here is the card I made quickly for Hubby last night I just don't seem to have the inspiration to go into my craft room at the moment.
Maybe when the darker nights and shorter days are back.. but at the moment I am just enjoying the long evenings.
Hope you are all well and thanks for looking Sue :o)

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Cyber Hugs and Kisses to Michelle

I know I am a bit late posting this but hopefully Michelle may have received this by now.
I have been with Michelle since the beginning of her blog and she has been a great friend over the past few years and although I have never had the pleasure of meeting this amazing lady she has always shown me so much kindness and support sometimes sending me things from the states that I can't get here.
Saturdays are not quite the same without her donkey,dog and goat updates and of course we all miss here talent and inspiration from her crafty posts.

My thoughts are with Michelle and he wonderful husband at this time but I am sure with the help and support of her amazing family and all her blogging friends she will come through this a stronger person she will not let this beat her.
If by any chance you have not read about Michelle's sad accident or had the pleasure of her wonderful blog you can find out all about it here.

Great big cyber hugs and kisses to Michelle and her family (animals included) Sue :o)