Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Hubby's Birthday

It's hubby's birthday today, so I can share the card now.

Good thing about taking the photo before I gave it to him, I noticed the blue mat wasn't square on the red one, so I put that right before I gave it to  him!! 

Went to Cardiff for a concert last night and didn't get home till 1am, I am seriously too old for late nights especially when I have work the next day lol!!

That's it for now hopefully have more tomorrow. Sue :o)


My Paper World said...

Great card, Love the image and the colours!

gina said...

Nice card, I hope he liked it
Gina x

wendy said...

Great card!

Bex said...

Lovely - and lovely to see you signing up to the forum.
I have bookmarked your blog and will check back properly over the weekend

Take care and have fun xx
Love Bex

NattyK said...

Great card. x