Friday, 14 December 2007

At last I Have My Tree

I had a days holiday from work today, to get my tree up and wrap some presents and try to get into the Christmas spirit. Not the same without children about, Christmas is definitely for them!!!

Sugar arrived this morning, I was beginning to get a little worried, but Nellie's have landed. Will have to wait for a play, I have too much to do and not enough time!!!

Have a nice weekend. Sue :o)


Andrea, said...

Your tree looks fab, those purple baubles are great such a lovely rich colour. Have fun with your Nellies, mine arrived on Thursday but I have had no inspiration so they are just sat on my desk.

Michelle said...

What a lovely tree. Hope you have fun playing with your Nellies when you get time, I haven't bought any yet but VERY tempted! Once our Christmas tree goes up then I will feel Christmassy! I will try to get it up tomorrow! :0)