Thursday, 25 October 2007

More Winter Snuggles

My craftwork cards order finally arrived today, but sadly the family christmas messages that I really wanted didn't arrive!!!
Decided I needed to get on and make some more christmas cards anyway, otherwise I am not going to fulfill my mission to give everyone a handmade card this year.
This penny black stamp winter snuggles is great, I have used it more than any of the others that I bought, will try the little clear Christmas critters tomorrow.
Sue :0)


All Pink girl said...

Beautiful cards ,love the stamp so cute ,Dawnx

juliejules said...

Hi Suzanne

Was reading your latest post regarding the Craftwork cards things. I live near them and am always there and as far as I am aware they don't do family xmas messages. You can either get family messages or xmas messages. If you need me to get you something next time I am there just let me know and we can sort soemthing out.


NattyK said...

Great cards. I have used this stamp a lot too. Nattyk x

juliejules said...

Suzanne, just got your comment, send me a mail at if you ever need anything getting. Obviously I would have to post it out to you but it wouldnt cost the £3.95!!! I am gold member there, been to some workshops, its fab!!!