Saturday, 13 October 2007

Bev and Millie

Good news and Bad news

Just got back from my crop and the bad news is we are going to have to disband after more than 2 years together. The place were it is held which is a large garden centre have decided they want the room for more important things!!! ask yourself the question is there anything more important than crafting.

Ah but now for the good new Pauline gave me the name of a lady that runs a crop only a couple of miles from where I live (forgot to mention the one I go to is nearly 15 miles away). I popped into the crop on my why home what a lovely lady,plus they had an online shop there and joy oh joy they had bazzill card stock impossible to find near where I live and prima flowers those great big ones that I have been looking for and DKWV and more, just a shame I didn't have more cash with me, never mind theres always next time.

Anyway the cards I have postd today where made for my friend Bev at work ( who is about to have a baby any time) and her little girl Millie for her first day at school. I have a mac computer that I love but it is sometimes difficult to get craft software for it, but I managed to get Greeting Card Factory which is what I used for the wording.

Off out tonight so I will need to record my beloved strictly come dancing and watch tomorrow
Sue :o)

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Melissa E. Keyes said...

Hi! Nice blog, and I didn't know there is a whole industry of cardmakers! Silly me.

I found your blog by clicking 'next blog' , I often do. You find blogs that you'd never ever find otherwise. Blogspot has millions of blogs!

Good for you! And hurry up and go see the Grand Canyon, it's wonderful! Give yourself a couple of days there, the colors change so between morning and night! When you first see it, you say, "Yup, just like the photos." But then the longer you look, the bigger it gets, until youre just sitting there in complete awe. Someone wrote a symphany about it, maybe you can find that and play it while you're there.

My rather messy blog is a new attempt at getting myself to paint, but life is getting in the way! It's my annoying home page.