Sunday, 21 October 2007

Birthday Flowers

Spent most of the day yesterday sorting out my new craft room.
Made these two last night when the rugby was on, not a big sports fan myself.
The Blue one is for a new lady who has started in our department at work, and as you can see she is 40 this week.
The pink one is for my friend Bex who's birthday is also this week.
The flower looks a bit red in the picture but it is a dark pink in real in real life.
Sue :0)


juliejules said...

Hi there

Great cards, thought I would leave a comment. I have just started my own blog too!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Sue (Suzanne!) Yes - it's me again - glad to see you didn't take long to commandeer the 'spare' room! Well done - get in there before the husband decides it would make a good 'study/computer room or whatever'.
Having set up a very limited blog I am somewhat puzzled as to how people get to know about it. And, if noone does then, what purpose it serves?
As you can see if you have visited my site, I have discovered how to scan rather than have to take photographs each time.....
BFN - hope the house doesn't seem too empty.... Pauline

NattyK said...

Hi Sue

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I too am a golf widow but I don't mind too much as I have more time to craft. Keep the fab cards coming, look forward to seeing more from you. Natalie x