Friday, 26 October 2007

Monkey Thanks

This layout was borrowed from Michelle Short Thank You.

Just got back from the harvester I just love the salad bar, but I have eaten to much so there wont be much crafting tonight.
Hubbys getting a bit fed up about spending every evening on his own downstairs, but I just love it here in my new craft room.

My best friend Pat sent my son and his girlfriend a card with a "next" voucher for their new home, so sweet of her.
I made this card to send tomorrow to say thank you.

Had a bit of senior moment yeserday, thought I had ordered family christmas greeting, but as Julie quite rightly pointed out they dont do them!!!!

Helping Becci and Neil fix a new gate on their garden tomorrow but hopefully hubby is at golf on Sunday and I can craft to my hearts content. Sue :0)


juliejules said...

Ooh I've got that paper!!! Where do you buy your flowers from???

Great card btw! Jules

NattyK said...

Great card. x

Michelle said...

Lovely card, thanks for the kind acknowledgement :0)