Monday, 31 August 2009

3hrs Later!!

Now I know some of you might look at this and think what a mess!!!
Well all I can say is look at the previous post about 3 hrs ago this is my sort of organized room...for 5 mins!!!

Thank you for looking Sue :o)


Diane.W. said...

Hi Sue,hope you are ok.
Your room looks fab now!!! :o)x

tanja said...

hi Sue now it look very nice en neatly
right on your wall I see hol lot of ponzen how you make them hanging like that? gr tanja

Tracy said...

Well Done!!!I can't cope with a messy craft area, I just have to put away after every project, mainly cos I craft in such a small space. Now you look really organised. You look like you've got some serious crafting stash there too.
Keep it tidy Lol!
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Sarah B said...

OMG Great job. I have just finished tidying my craft room too, ready to go in there tonight, it'll look like I've not touched it by morning. Enjoy the tidiness!!!! Hugs Sarah B X

Julia said...

I think most crafters are a bit messy Sue - I know I am!! Love your craft tidy space xx

Natalie said...

Wow, Sue it looks fabulous. x

Maria's Cards said...

That's better!! now I should tidy mine I suppose. x

Glitter Monkey said...

Well done - it looks fabulous!! You really neeeeeed one of those shelving units now!! Lol Lynn ♥

Caryn said...

Ok, consider me suitably impressed!! I would love a room to craft in and lock myself away. I don't think I'd ever leave!!

Caryn xxx