Saturday, 12 January 2008

Scabby Handmade Card!!!

My darling son will be 25 on Monday, I never make his birthday card because he used to think I made them because I was to mean to buy them!!!

He is now secretly rather impressed with his mother,the fact that she has lots of blogging friends who like what she makes and that people will actually pay good money to buy my cards!!! shock horror.

This has been made as a joke with" Scabby Handmade Cards" written on the back.

I will still go and buy him one as I am sure in his mind he still thinks I don't buy them because I am too mean!!! Sue :o)


NattyK said...

I love the frog on this card, he's fab. Luckily my sons are young enough to be really impressed when I make them cards.
I am sure your son is very proud of his mum, and will love this card. x

Michelle said...

Great card Sue, I love the frog and the great colour combo. I bet your son will love it, a whole lot nicer than a shop bought one :0)

gina said...

I think your cards are gorgeous and I am sure he will love it,
Gina x

Kim said...

It's a fab card , but I can't stop larfin... hee hee scabby handmade card, sooooo funny!!!!

Amber Porter said...

Super cute card. Love that little frog image!

lyzzydee said...

My son is exactly the same except now he is quite keen on my creations particularly if he has failed to get a card for a school friend. The girls he gives them to are always impressed!!