Monday, 21 January 2008

Niece's 18th Birthday

My niece will be 18 on Tuesday and I have been working on an 8x8 scrapbook to give her.
Now I am not a great scrapping person lol, so the pages are very simple!!! but it is something for her to keep.
Here is a Small selection of the pages

That was then!!

Sometime over the last 18years

Present Time!!!


gina said...

I am sure your niece will love it sue. I have just ordered a scrapbook, have never done one before but they are such nice keepsakes
Gina x

NattyK said...

What a great present, I am sure she will treasure it. The pages are fab. I especially love the first one! x

Amber Porter said...

OMG! She will love this!! This will be such a treasured gift!

Maureen said...

I think you did a great job! I too am a newbie in scrapbooking - so I feel your pain there - but you have nothing to worry about - and I don;t always like really busy pages either so bully for you! And she WILL love this - fer sure!

Manna said...

Wow, what a labour of love! Great gift that will be treasured forever and always!

** Isa ** said...

Hope she had a fab birthday and she will love these little scrapbook pages you made for her... They're lovely :oD

Hugs xxx