Friday, 4 January 2008

Bristol is a DS desert!

Just before Christmas a told you that my son had bought his dad a pressi which was very difficult to get!!

Well that pressi was a Nintendo DS lite and it went down a storm, he was absolutely thrilled with it and getting on great with his brain training lol, until Tuesday night when disaster struck!!! one screen stopped working.

We took it back to the shop after work tonight and they told us the don't send them back for repair but they would give us our money back. Well that is fine if you could get another one lol, but even though Christmas is over there is not one to be had anywhere in shops or on the net (not at a reasonable price anyway)

So hubby is not a happy bunny, and worse still Neil wants one for his birthday on the 14th Jan, I thought all this searching for pressies stopped when they grew up!!!

Hopefully I will get some time to play with my new stash at the weekend. Sue :o)


Alex said...

Suzanne not sure if this will help you, but our local Argos in Weymouth,Dorset, has told me that they will be getting their DS lites in stock on 13 Jan as they need to replace my daughters as well!!!! lol

NattyK said...

That is so disapointing, I have looked on the Argos website and it looks like Leeds is all out too, sorry. Hope you find one soon. x

gina said...

Oh No, I know how you feel, we searched everywhere before christmas and luckily found one for me and one for my nephew, both working, only problem is I am 54 on my brain training and 38 in real life :0)
Gina x

Michelle said...

It never stops! I REALLY want a Wii, but can I find one anywhere? NO! I have been searching for one for months but everywhere is sold out, well I can get one but it is double the price I want to pay. Sorry to hear about the Nintendo DS, they do look great! Hope you get it sorted out soon :0)

** Isa ** said...

Ethan and Aidan both have ds lite and we found Aidan's on Gamestation website. you have to buy them in combo pack though!!! I always snatch their nintendo in the evening when they're in bed!!! I'm addicted to "Ratatouille" at the mo!!! lol Us we're struggling to find a Wii!!!! :o(

Isa x