Saturday, 30 January 2010

18th Birthday Card

We are off to an 18th Birthday Party later for the daughter of a girl I work with.
I am seriously getting to old for all this, I would much rather stay at home and watch the telly!!

I wanted to make a card and the only thing I know for sure about Louise is she doesn't like pink.
I have kept it simple as I am guessing most 18 year olds that don't do pink don't do fussy either.

Thanks for looking Sue :o)


Glitter Monkey said...

I love how you have matched the box to the card and the embossing looks just perfect. I do agree with you though about the going out - I am a bit of a homebody myself these days!! I bet you have a lovely time all the same. Lol Lynn ♥

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card, Sue x


What a gorgeous card Sue, someone is going to be thrilled!!! have a lovely evening, big hugs Linda x

tanja said...

Beautiful card love this styl by tanja