Sunday, 4 November 2007

Hectic Day

Went out this morning to a large garden centre about 25 miles from where I live, they have this fab winter snow scene with lots of little animals, forgot my camera took some with my mobile but I can't upload them, will try and go again before Christmas and get some pics. Houseful of people to lunch today, we have a big firework display just up the road from me, so we had Sunday Lunch and then went and watched the fireworks.

Natalie,Tara,Michelle,Nick, Dawn and Julie will all get a set of Hanna's sometime this week, will try and do them tomorrow night, don't want to rush and spoil the stamping and it's getting a bit late now.
Thank you all so much for all your kind comments.

I can count!!
I know its 6 not 5 but I had already promised Julie some for kindly getting me some craft goodies. Sue :o)

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NattyK said...

Looking forward to trying out the hannah image, thanks. x We have a garden centre near us like the one you described, they have a beautiful display of fibre optic trees, I am hoping to go on Thursday with my Mum, if I do I will try and rememeber to take some photos. x