Friday, 2 November 2007


Sorry I need to have a grumpy old woman moment before I do my proper post.
Let me explain where I live you have the choice of TESCO, TESCO EXPRESS or TESCO EXPRESS, you get the picture tesco's or nothing.
I needed to go in there on my way home from work to buy some milk and get money for my husband for tomorrow morning for his 7.10 golfing start, yes thats right 7.10 are these golfers completely mad!!
Any way I digrese,I get to the checkout and its the usual story at about 5pm one of the buisiest times of the day everyone is going home, all I wanted to do was pay for my milk come home and have a cup of tea , but oh no the machine didn't want me to do that, it wanted me to stand there for nearly 10 minutes while 4 people try to decide what to do with the new card machine.
Don't get me wrong I feel so sorry for the staff that have to use these new machines without any proper training on how they work.
Anyway that's enough just to say I hate tesco!!
Sue :o)

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Tarasdesigns said...

I know that you mean, tescos near me is a nightmare and I hate going in, complain all the way round and end up there again the next week!