Saturday, 3 January 2009

The joys of dogs!!

I am having a little clear out this morning and I have thrown away some long unused bits and pieces.
I have just popped into my bedroom where I could hear Honey chewing she has got hold of a plastic red glitter glue tube which I had put in the bin, the bed and Honey are covered in red glitter glue!!
Now just imagine this she was spayed on Monday and I didn't have my glasses on!!! so all I could she was red... panic or what!!!!
Happy New Year Sue :o)

PS the new sidebar picture is of me and the cleaned up monster!!!


Donalda said...

OH NO!!!!!!!!!! What a mess dear. I know once it is over and cleaned up you are going to thinkn it is funny but for now I know it has to a mess to clean ! Bless your heart

Diane.W. said...

Awww,bless her!!!
Bet you panicked,I am the worst for that,at least she was ok!!! :o)x

Bev said...

Oh this is just too funny Suzanne - me I would have been in a blind panic lol.

hugs Bev x

Kim Marie said...

Hi Sue!

Your sweet Honey was so sparkly I bet!! Every girl needs a little bling...too bad for the first sight scare!

A humble thanks for all your comments on my blog this past year!

Here's to a new and shiny year to create and live joyfully!
Kim Marie

MichelleO said...

too funny! And love the new photo!

Annie said...

Oh My! I bet you felt relieved it was only glitter glue - but the clean up must have taken a while .. .. and know you have to look out for glitter poo! hugs, annie x

Jill said...

aww Sue I'm sorry but I did laugh when I read this, but how could you get annoyed as Honey is so cute and wow I can't believe how much she has grown again, hugs Jill x

LuLu said...

Oh my what a surprise that was to you - see Honey has been watching you craft for an age now & just wanted to join in with her mum !

Sending you warm wishes for the New year.

Take care,


Louise said...

Oh your poor heart! Have a fantastic 2009.

Natalie said...

Thank goodness it was only glitter glue. Poor Honey I bet she was covered. x

Beth said...

Hee hee! I would have panicked too, what a shock! At least there's a lot worse things to have all over your house than glitter! LOL! I hope you're having a great weekend! xx

Vicki said...

Hi Sue

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all !!!!! I hope you all had a really lovely Christmas. Honey sounds like a mischievous lil thing......pmsl!!! a bit like my youngest daughter, she did that with my purple glitter glue just before Christmas, the carpet in my craft room was all!!!

When you get chance pop over to my blog as there's an award for you, take care Sue, xx vicki xx

Sarah said...

Oh no!!! I would've been the same!! At least you can laugh about it now, the cheky lil monkey!

Happy New Year to you Sue, I hope it's a good one.

xx :0)

Alex said...

Gotta love dogs - they get into everything!!! Happy New Year Sue! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Shary said...

Lol sounds typical of Milly, she is always covered in something or another.

Happy New Year Sue. xx

Cathy said...

OMG - this reay made me smile!! Having had lots of well behaved dogs we have recently taken in a stray young female cat - she is a nightmare and I visions of this happening to me!!!
She loves walking in my ink pads and then over my work, batting my waterbrush while I am colouring and attacking my soft brush .. because she can!!!
Love them ... but could just occasionally sell them to the gypsies!!
Have a great eveing,
Cathy xx

Viv said...

Ha Ha!!Laughed my head off at the bottom line Sue! Sorry, there must have been a RIGHT mess!! (Nope, still laughing).LOL
Viv xx