Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Promarker Storage for less than £11!!!

I can't take credit for this brilliant idea... Ida sent a link yesterday evening see Beautiful Moments here.
Now me being me if I want one I had to have it now!! so off I trotted to Ikea to get the DVD box at £7.99 straight after my tea.
Then I needed some blank DVD to Tesco 24hr to buy 3 packs of 5 at 97p per pack.

Back home by 9pm I already had the great colour chart by Debbie printed and coloured in so I set too cutting it up to fit into the spines of the blank cases.
Hey presto by 11.30pm we have a fabulous storage unit I just need to add coloured dots to the ends of all the new pens.

I also seem to be missing 2 grey pens which I am sure I had because the have been coloured in but can't find anywhere!!.

Thanks for looking Sue :o)


Gina said...

This is fantastic Sue, I am so envious and drooling all over my computer at the moment :) our Ikea have no stock in and I am so mad :(
Hugs Gina xxx

weewiccababe said...

good grief - you don't hang about Sue lol
its fab, looks great and even better that my chart could be used on it too

Tracy said...

What a really clever idea, and your so quick off the mark too. It looks really good Sue.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Annie said...

how ingenious! but I'm looking for a practical solution so I can take my pens with me to friends, on holiday etc. Any ideas?
hugs, annie x

Penni said...

What a brilliant idea - I wonder if it would work for Copic Ciao Markers?


Tracey said...

thank you for sharing the tip xxx

Viv said...

What a brilliant idea Sue!! Shame I've run out of space even for THIS!AWWWW!
Viv xx

LISA said...

Brilliant, does it hold all the pens or will i need 2 lol
thanks for the great tips xxxx

Julie said...

OMG - I want one!!! You were so quick in organising this!!!

Natalie said...

Sue this is fabulous. x

Rita said...

Off to Ikea on Sunday. How did you get the colours on the ends of your pens please. Hugs Rita xx