Sunday, 19 October 2008

Internet update!!

Well after numerous telephone call to our provider ( all ending up in India) we finally established yesterday lunchtime that it wasn't a problem with my equipment and there is a problem with the line into the house which is what I told them Thursday!!!

Anyway after loosing my rag which I hate doing after all the customer service people are only taking the calls I threatened to leave and find another provider, I was promised it would be sorted by 12 noon today and guess what I still don't have any access.

I have popped over to my son's before I start cooking lunch!!
I did have some pictures to share but for some reason the computer won't upload from the memory stick I am using.

Dog training tomorrow night so hopefully back Tuesday, oh the Tilda's came yesterday for the blog candy I was post a picture ASAP.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part and I will upload your beautiful cards soon.

Thanks for looking. Sue :o)


Jill said...

aww Sue hope it's sorted out soon we've all missed you Jill x

ink'n'rubba said...

how frustrating and anoying for you. and why do calls always end up in India?! I hope it's sorted out for you very soon. hugs, annie x


Hello Sue thats such a shame, i know how you feel I had exactly the same problem. They told me it was the cable to the house and then it took them 4 weeks to replace it!!! don't want to upset you further though, you may be lucky and get better service, I need to practice my stroppy voice!!! Good luck and hope its soon sorted. hugs Linda x

Natalie said...

How frustrating. I hope you get back on-line soon.

Natalie x

Tarasdesigns said...

how annoying, we had a real problem when hubby changed to wireless with our provider and we ended up in India trying to explain our problems!!! Hope you are back on line soon x

Maureen said...

sorry about the internet issues you have been having...its so frustrating when we have no control over the thing and you have to rely on unreliable others!! ARGH!
I feel for ya!

Viv said...

That's EXACTLY the same as happened to Pam !! Grrrr
Viv xxx