Wednesday, 28 May 2008

I have been tagged by Natalie

I have been tagged by Natalie at Crafting Fun! I am sure my answers won't be very interesting but here I go!!

1. Ten Years Ago
I would have been looking forward to my 42nd Birthday in a few days time and thinking how old I was getting I would love to be in that place now!!!

2. 5 Things in today's 'To Do List' (it is 9.45pm so the day is nearly over)
1. Tidy my craft room before I go to bed (my hairdresser is coming tomorrow evening and she always like to have a look at my stash)
2. Make the lunch for tomorrow ( I expect this will be done in the morning)
3.Go to bed to try and get a good nights sleep!!!
4 My job to hand pay slips out tomorrow... always a pleasant job
5. Go to the supermarket on the way home the cupboards are bare

3. Snacks I Enjoy

1. Crisps
2. Nuts
3. Raw veg and dips

4. Things I would do If I was a Millionaire
1. Pay off our mortgage
2. Buy my son a house
3. Give all our relatives and friends enough to get something nice.
4. Buy a business selling craft goodies and work for myself

5. Places I have Lived
1. Bristol

I have lived here all my life within a 10 mile radius of where I was born sad I know but it is a beautiful City

I think everyone I visit has been tagged by now but if you haven't consider yourself tagged

Thanks for looking Sue :o)


NattyK said...

Thanks for joining in Sue. x

NattyK said...

There is an award for you on my blog. x

Jo said...

If living in Bristol all your life makes you sad then add me to the club! I've lived in Weymouth all my life as well! BTW, never told Tony I have a blog so he couldn't check up on me lol!!!