Monday, 25 February 2008

Saturday 23rd

Natalie Me and Julie

Well I finely arrived in Leeds 3 hrs later than planed due to a delay with the flight!!!!..... 3hrs delay on a 1 hr flight but hay I had all the time in the world!!!
Natalie came to the hotel on Saturday with her mum to pick me up and take me to watch Julie in her show The Full Monty.
Well what a show..... it was fantastic it was set in Buffalo USA rather than Sheffield UK.
They did so much better than I could ever have expected... I have seen several professional shows that could have taken a few tips from these guys It was so well polished and Julie was great as the old has been Jewish piano player... well done girl you did good!!!

Sue :o)


NattyK said...

It was a great show, Mum and I really enjoyed it too, thanks for being such great company. x

Vicki said...

What a lovely pic of the three of you, thanks for sharing. Great to put faces to your names too. Glad you all enjoyed your weekend. xx vicki xx

gina said...

nice to see you back, you have been missed :)
pleased you all had a nice time, thanks for the offer of easter tilder image I may take you up on that is there any of mine you would like?
Gina x

Manna said...

Thanks for posting the piccies. It's nice to see what my sisters look like up close!

Michelle said...

What a lovely photo, you all look really happy :0)